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Possible Season III Logos

Well guys, here is the front runner right now for next year's logo (pay no attention to the grainy quality).  We will be possibly printing T-Shirts, and other promo/advertising of this where we can.  It is going to hopefully become a recognized logo nationwide.  Also the commissioners have decided on the slogan "Run with the Best" to accompany the intials OML.  Again please submit your logos as well.  We can have the rest of the league vote on which one will be selected for next year.  What do you think?

To the right you will see the first member's submission.  This great logo was created by one of our good members Tical.  Give him some feedback under the OML Logo thread.  Nice job Tical, it looks great and is very creative!

This new submission is from DK's desk.  Give him some feedback as well.  Also send in more picks, we need more options.  Thanx for the logo DK, nice job bro.