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This page is to recognize the OML members that take the time and effort to make this a great league by reviewing the different things going on around the league and pointing them out to others.  Every few weeks a new winner will be announced for the DID YOU KNOW that they posted.


1st Knowy 12/03/03 to 12/23/03 BLIND (49ers) - "that the two unbeaten teams the Bills and the Ravens have had the weakest of schedules according to their opponents records and the giants have had the 4th easiest of schedule so far!"


2nd Knowy 12/24/03 to 1/12/04   MIKEK (Colts) - his DID YOU KNOW QB rating post. Thanx Mike for taking the time to provide that insight.
3rd Knowy 1/12/04 to 2/2/04 JAYMAN (Bills) - "That the final score of the Week 15 matchup between the Chargers and Packers; Packers 38 Chargers 21 is the exact final score of the actual NFL game that was played earlier this season. Talk about a coincidence."



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