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by Defdans - Final - Season III

  1. Julius Peppers Former two-sport star at UNC had an absolutely dominating season.  61 tackles from the defensive end position to go along with his league-leading 22 sacks.  This guy shuts down an entire side of the field by himself. 
  2. Ray Lewis I certainly didnt forget about Ray-Ray.  Not only did Lewis clog up opposing running games with 59 tackles, he also shut down opposing passing games by picking off 9 passes (2nd in the league in INTs) and sacking the QB 5 times.
  3. Sam Cowart The Jets middle linebacker was all over the field, amassing an incredible 88 tackles (obviously the league leader).  Cowart added 6 sacks for good measure.  Unfortunately for Sam, you cant win the Defensive MVP on a 3-13 team. 
  4. Joe Johnson Another Defensive End who shut down an entire side of the field.  48 tackles and 19 sacks helped lead the packers to 14 victories.  Johnson helped the packers D force a lot of 3rd and longs this season.
  5. Shawn Barber When did linebackers get so good at reading the QBs eyes?  Barber finished 3rd in the OML in INTs with 8. Barber and his good buddy Scott Fujita have been terrorizing opposing teams (read Broncos) all year.
  6. Leonard Little 19 sacks for Little puts him tied for 3rd in the league.  Unfortunately, he only had 38 tackles total, and thats not a big enough impact to win the Defensive MVP.  Still, a season to be proud of for Leonard and the Rams.
  7. Lawyer Milloy Milloy didnt lead the league in anything, but he did a little bit of everything.  That seems to be the mantra of the 15-1 Bills, and Milloy is a great example.  53 tackles, 4 INTs, 2 TDs, and a forced fumble on the season.
  8. Trevor Pryce Pryce anchored the surprisingly good Broncos D, finishing 5th in the league in sacks with 16.  Pryce combined with Bertrand Berry and the Denver secondary to finish with the leagues top pass defense, allowing only 125 yards passing per game.    
  9. Sammy Knight The vaunted Dolphins defense was brought back down to earth this year, but Sammy Knight proved to be a good offseason-acquisition, finishing with 47 tackles, 1 INT, 3 FF, and 2 FRs.    
  10. Samari Rolle Samari is the league leader in INTS with 12 on the season (thats almost one per game!).  Some big INTs certainly had a huge impact on the Titans playoff surge.  He also took 1/3rd of his picks back for touchdowns. 

OML Season 3 - Defensive MVP


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