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These two bumped heads in a key defensive battle. Browns need help to get in, Colts are sittin nice

Power Rankings - Week 12

(Compiled by commissioner Alma)

  Rank Previous Team Record Comments
1 2 Steelers 7- 0 "I'll take my top spot back thank you very much. Nice big wins gets you number one, but be sure not to run up the score too much. Run up the middle with your full-back once in a while
2 1 Buccaneers 7- 0 The Pack just made it too close of a game for you to hold the numero uno spot, but I gotta say your D-fence is the BOMB.
3 4 Saints 6- 1 Hasn't shown us any reason why he won't make it to the NFC championship game. Back to back GOTW's allows him to sing a little Tupac."All Eye's On Me"
4 5 Giants 6- 1 Back up a digit. Beating the Pat's in the bye Week was enough for me to say these guy play hard. Yeah you shut out an undefeated team there is something to be said about cha.
5 3 Patriots 6- 1 Still one loss has them a top of their division. Showing no signs of hitting a wall, they take down the Raiders and Vikes, two very respectable teams.
6 7 Dolphins 5- 2 I like these guys. A slow start, but now they are rollin tuff. Is it Williams carrying them or that mainiac Zachory!?!?
7 12 Packers 4- 3 Another team that has stepped up as we draw near play-offs. They played the former # 1 and still undefeated Bucs as tough as anyone will all season.
8 6 Bengals 4- 3 Roller coaster of a season still has them rated in single digits. They are looking to secure one of those AFC wild card slots, but will have to sub in Smith from now on to do so.
9 9 Seahawks 4- 3 A very curious non-play last week has a play-off bound team spinnin in circles. But I gotta feeling my boy Springs will get them pumped up and bring 'em back on top.
10 17 Colts 4- 3 Talk about your big jumps! Good to see someone utilitize the 3 weapons. I just gotta know though how is is surviving on that poor helpless D. Oh yeah one guy, Peterson!
11 20 Jets 4- 3 "Hey Colts! My jump was bigger so haha!" This team had a dismal start but has bounced back nicely. Everyone seems to report the same thing "I can't stop Curtis!!"
12 10 Jaguars 3- 3-1 Ok, you know I was gonna ask.A TIE??? No one went for it on 4th down, all punts? Still however .500, and lookin to go play-off bound. Ok I gotta go kiss my sister now.
13 8 Vikings 3- 4 Ouch, a big drop. I hope my challenge for Bennet to run didn't discourage him from his game plan. Get back on the horse and keep sending Moss deep, 4 Db's not a problem for him. Play-off chances are in your control.
14 19 Browns 3- 4 Not mathamatically eliminated yet from the play-offs, but I would bet a dime on it. A tough tough TOUGH schedule early on in the season, but it looks like it will lighten up a bit for a run at the post season. Watch them.
15 15 Cardinals 3- 4 That bounce back from the Hawks loss was impressive, beating the best rated Madden team, Raiders was close, but you gotta keep going to Boston. I think Plummer might only last a year or two more, then a draft of a new Vick style QB.
16 26 Raiders 2- 5 "And now Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to present to you, the BIGGEST jump of them all. The new and improved Oakland Raiders!!" Watch out league, this guy is gonna spoil as many play-off hopes as he can.
17 16 Texans 2- 4-1 (See above to Jags) Just kidding. Impressed on how they held Taylor in check in the OT, but still doing a fine job on the year with this team.
18 13 Chargers 2- 5 A fall 5 spots, has them realizing play-off dreams are shot. WAIT!! Have you seen this division's standings? 2-5 is tied for 1st frickin place! 9 Win your division and you're in.
19 11 Bills 2- 5 A close game between division rival Jets has them swimming in the celler of the standings. Drew wants nothing more than to win out, Eric and Pearless have to help him out with this.
20 14 Cowboys 2- 5 Big drop has them thinking "just wait till next season starts soon and I get a better team" We you can finish strong and save some grace by beating some tuff teams in the NFC.
21 22 Panthers 2- 5 Thank goodness we finally have a new owner! "Attention all, from now on your Panther games will be played tough, fair and in good spirits!" I think Bob Dylan said it best"Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes" (bye bye!)
22 21 Bears 2- 5 A win over the Lions and a tuff loss to the Rams has them haning in the same spot as last rankings. They wanna break out but can't seem to find the right QB to lead them. Maybe put Urlacher in there?
23 29 Redskins 2- 5 OK, a six point jump is very nice. Your D seems to be playing nicely but you might wanna think about linning up Champ at wide reciever, wait nevermind there's no one to throw it to him. Looks like half back pass will have to do.
24 24 Broncos 2- 5 Man this guy likes 'em CLOSE! Another one point loss to a good team has sturring to eventually figure out that Ed catches a ton of balls. Throw it up to him against the Charges D, and you've done enough for the win.
25 18 Titans 1- 6 Stop the bleeding. I thought this team impressed my on two separate occasions and was gonna move up. All I need now is the one loss Giants to put them out for good. Think upset and you'll be flying back up next week.
26 23 Falcons 1- 6 Vick can run, and run, and run. I don't wanna hear anyone complain if this guy rolls out every play and beats you down. Should be a good game against the Vikes and Dante's Inferno.
27 25 Lions 1- 6 Every week this guy shows up, and there should be some award for that. Oh wait there is, you get to stay in the league for NEXT year when better teams are gonna be open for the draw. Go show the highly rated Pat's how it's done in D-Town.
28 28 Rams 1- 6 Winless no more, but still, winning a problem for them. I think this team has identity issues. I feel a visit to the local shrink will straighten them out. Look for a tuff game against the Eagles.
28 27 Ravens 1- 6 Ray? What happened? I thought you were gonna put people in body bags? Make some noise this week and pull off a huge upset. Then we'll get up up in the ranks.
30 30 Eagles 1- 6 Now I think week 13 will prove to be the A.G.O.T.W.F.N.B.P. (alternative game of the week for nothing but pride). The Rams are rated as high as you and probably just as thirsty. Make it a good one and let us know.
31 31 Chiefs 0- 7 Come on! Two no shows in a row? We need to get an owner in here for some tuff comp. Show us you are up to the challenge and mix up those play-off races!
32 32 49ers 0- 7 Man, not to hurt anyone's feelings? BUT ANOTHER ONE!! I don't see them ever moving outta 32 at least not till next season.