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Season III - Playoff Write-ups


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Wild Card Round

Ravens Send The Titans Home Early!!

#1 vs. #2 In Rushing!

Priest At His Finest!

NFC Wild Card Playoff
Green Bay Packers (TDG) @ Carolina Panthers (Alma):
by MikeK

The 12-4 Packers meet the 14-2 Panthers in what is bound to be one of the most hotly contested playoff berths. These teams have a running rivalry, brimming over from last season. This will be a matchup between some of the best running teams in the league, with NFC leading rusher Ahman Green leading the charge. These two teams are the top rushing teams in the NFC, #1 and #2 in rush yds per game, and should be very close.
The key to this game is going to be defense, with both teams practically mirrors of each other.. Both teams are averaging 34 points a game offensively. The Pack is only giving up 7 yds per game more then the Cats, while accumulating 1 more INT, and 1 less Sack then them. Interestingly enough, home field advantage may be a non-factor this game, as the Panthers are undefeated at home, but the Pack plays far better on the road. Will GB be able to force the Panthers to beat them in the air, or will this slugfest be won by the Panthers awesome D-line being able to stop Ahman Green before he can take off.

AFC Wild Card Playoff


#5 Denver Broncos (Defdans) @ #4 Kansas City Chiefs (Ltown):

by Hebass


Well, well, if we aren't in for a treat with this game!  I will start things out with a couple of quotes from both coaches.  After playing each other twice the coaches were quoted as saying I hope I don't see you in the playoffs by Ltown and And please....don't be in my division next year okay? by Defdans.  What does this mean?  We could be in for the game of the century with this one.  Both games were filled with offensebut not always good offense.  A few interceptions and fumbles played roles in the last couple of games. 


In their first meeting of the season, it was scoring, scoring, and a little more scoring.  The Chiefs edged out the Broncos in this game as well as the next game.  One team must outscore the other team to prevail in this game (Sorry I had to throw a Madden Quote in there).  And this will happen, I guarantee it!  The Chiefs hold the leagues second best offensive yards per game in the league while the Broncos defense is the 4th best in yards against per game.  Who will prevail in this battle?  I think the Chiefs offense will run right over the Broncos defense.  Whats going to happen on the other side of the ball for both teams?  Something different?  Not a chance, the Broncos will steamroll the Chiefs defense.  How can you expect to stop Tony Gonzalez who led the team in receptions with 48 and 10 touchdowns without leaving the other receivers open and a running back in Priest Holmes who amassed 2282 yards and 30 touchdowns (minus one simmed game)?  How do you contain Rod Smith all over the field who totaled 47 catches and then stop Clinton Portis who totaled 67 catches making his all purpose yards at almost 2,400 yards and 28 touchdowns?  You wont and this is why we are in for one heck of a great game.


With this being said, I think its apparent that I believe this game will be a shootout.  Its one of those games that scoring last in the first and second half is key..or having the ball at the end of the game.  Neither team wants to admit that they wont be able to stop the other team.but I think theyre both preparing for it and fine-tuning their offenses.  My X factor isnt a player; its the offense as a whole.  Whichever teams offense fails to produce any points or get field position is in a lot of trouble early.  Dont expect the team that takes a first big lead to sit on the ball.  They will keep adding points, as neither team is comfortable with any lead.  If you fall behind in the points race, dont expect a comeback.  Either way, fans of highflying offense, make sure you tune into this game!!  My prediction is the Chiefs over the Broncos for the 3rd time at 45-41.  That one drive that is stopped is key!  Good luck guys!


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