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PS2 MADDEN 2004 Online OML Football League 2004
OML Commissioner: alma41
All games are to coincide with the NFL schedule.  Each game must be completed by Sat. 5:00pm (eastern) before the start of the next week.  Failure to do so will result in a loss for both teams scheduled. 
Upon proof of one opponent making more than one attempt though e-mail, AIM, and the league message board; and still no response is received, an alternate will be selected from the waitlist to become the new owner of that team.  Certain extensions based on this may be given at the discretion of the commissioner
Owners who anticipate being out of town or unable to play games for personal reasons, must notify the commissioner in advance, and upon approval, are allowed to play their next weeks game early.
Dormant teams may be removed from the league as agreed upon by the VP commissioners
All games will be played with "ranked" on.  No other games may be played on the OML ID's.
The winner of each game is responsible for reporting the result and score on the league web site


310 The falsifying of any stat or stat padding when a big lead has been established will result in IMMEDIATE REJECTION from the league.  This has never been an issue in the OML and we would like to keep it this way.


Any disputes (if any) will be split on the first occasion. From then on it will go on a past history basis....NOTE: the commissioner reserves this right and is the final decision maker.  If a dispute is involved with him, a third party (to be decided by the non-involved VP commissioner) will be brought in to help decide
Rules are generally decided by the players before and during the game.  The main concern here is to be considerate and fair.  This is a fair league that frowns upon cheezing, although all game play is legal (i.e. running the clock, scrambling quarterbacks, blitzing, .etc) football is considered football.  If someone is upset, their concerns may be emailed to the commissioner, reviewed and taken into consideration, although the outcome of the game more than likely will not change, that persons game play and ethics will be evident for others to see.  (PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS AN ISSUE IN OUR LEAGUE!!!)  See additional rules 510, 520, and 530 for better guidelines

Offensive rulings:

a.       Running no huddle is legal and permitted in the game.  Considerate football in this league does not include running no huddle all game.

b.      All substitutions are allowed.

c.       Motion is allowed at any time.  However note on pass plays the WR must clear the last lineman on the line of scrimage (or TE).

d.  Running the same play over and over is not considered considerate gameplay.

e.      Audibles are allowed at any point in game to any formation.  Again though audibling every play, all game is not considerate football in this league.

f.       4th downs are generally considered a punt down, you may however proceed to go for a 1st under the following circumstances:

1.      Down by three scores (17 points) at any point in the game.

2.      Down by any score in the 4th quarter.

Rest of the case, user your best judgement and sportsmanship. Let your opponent know of it so that there is no misunderstanding.


Defensive rulings:

a.       Audibles on defensive are allowed at any time in the game.  You may audible as many times as you like.

b.  All defensive subs are allow, however note an exxample of an out of position sub (WR at DB) may cause some sontroversy and should be limited if not avoided.

c.   Better positioning your defensive players is allowed anywhere.


Special Teams rulings:

a.       Onside kicking is only allowed when you are behind in the 2nd half.

b.      Squib kicks are legal.

c.  Fake punts and fake field goals are allowed at anytime during the game



Elevation Procedures

a.       If you have an issue with your opponent, first raise it with your opponent.

For e.g. If the opponent is running no-huddle all the time and catches you offsides then pause the game and take it up with him. (Do not quit here).

b.      If you still have not resolved your issues by the end of the game, submit it to your commissioner in the form of an email.

c.       The commissioner will review it and make the official ruling.

d.  If you have problems, send your opponent an email, DO NOT START BASHING ON THE BOARDS!!


550 - End of the half/game scoring

                     a.  Taking dives or purposely intending not to score by running around when you have the chance to is not permitted.   Kneeling is permitted to kill the clock in the 4th to kick a game tying or winning FG.  Any player in the NFL would score if they had a path to the endzone.

                     b.  Running a defense for the sole purpose to get scored upon is not permitted (i.e. quarters on the goaline).  Any team would make an effort to prevent points from being put on the board, no matter how much time is on the clock.


Disconnects must be handled as a make-up upon agreement by the two opponents.  You must quit the game right after and meet back in the room to discuss the options. (if it is a blow out in the 4th, the two agree to give the win to the person winning....and so on as decided by two players).  Our goal here is to have the two handle it like sensible adults.  Again if a person is repeatingly disconnecting, his disputes will generally start to be discredited and will be removed from the league.



Play-off format will also coincide with the real NFL schedule.



The Bronze Bowl will be a tournament format and seedings will be decided by the commissioner



All rules are subject to change throughout the season at the discretion of the commissioner.


Have fun with this!  Its only a game!