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Toughest Team - Redskins (alma)

-         Yes I know, it sucks to vote for yourself, and if you read anything all year Ive posted, I am never the one to vote for myself, but at 16-0, and placed in the toughest conference, I just couldnt bring myself to pick another team.  Anyway, the Skins managed the perfect season with a sub 80 team.


Most Improved Team - Bucs (hebass)

-         OK, when you start the season off at 4-7 and manage to fight your way back into the play-offs winning your division; you definitely get this award.  A huge second half turn around along with some help in the division gives the Bucs the recognition they deserve.


Most Dedicated Team - Cardinals (Tical)

-         You know this guys record does mean anything.  He shows up every week and has nothing but nice things to say about the other opponent.  I hope all our members with losing records next season take notes from him.  He is the definition of a good sport.


Best Division - NFC East (Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants)

-         With the AFC North and AFC East as close seconds, the NFC East gets the nod here with 46 combined wins and 3 play-off teams!  When the guy who finishes last in division is .500 and everyone plays one another twice, look out.


Biggest Slip - NY Jets (Defdans)

-         Now I was hesitant at first to hand this out to the Green and White, but when looking at his last 6 games, it just made me wonder if I was seeing things.  The Jets had a tough division to contend with and a very tough schedule along the way.  The loss to the Patriots put them out of the play-offs and into the Slim Big Bowl.  I have major respect for him and hate handing out this award to him.


Revolving Door Award - Chiefs (numerous owners)

-         When I saw that the first half of this season was the same fate for the best running game around, I was shocked.  Twice in two years to have no one want to play with them was unbelievable.  Glad to see that towards the end we got a good owner who stepped in and pulled out some great wins with clean game play.


Team Owner to Watch Out for Next Season - BlindJustice (Bills owner)

-         This guy got slapped in a tough division and managed to pull out some great wins.  He was still in the hunt for a play-off spot and just couldnt get the luck to fall his way.  Look for him to bounce back and make the play-offs in season 3.


Most Anticipated Weekly Write Ups - DK <realm> (Seahawks owner)

-         Anyone take the time to notice that week after week this guy has play-by-play abilities to work for ESPN?  DK proved with consistency that he would make you feel like you were watching the game with as much detail as he could.




-         I would like to take this time (space) to thank each and every one of you who stuck through it no matter what happened.  To all those who didnt lose interest when football season was over, and to all those who helped in finding other reliable members like you.  Thanx to Hebass for helping on the boards and the play-off updates and write-ups.  Thanx to DK for early game policing when we needed it and the play-off write-ups as well.  Thanx to Ltown for doing the PRs and putting up with peoples BS comments.  Thanx to the owners who kept in contact with IM in letting me know whats going on.  Special thanx to everyone who was polite on the boards time in and time out, and to those who wanted to vent, but kept it in the form of an e-mail to me.  Thanx to everyone who knows its just a game and the main goal is to have fun.  And finally I would like to thank Sriram for basically being the backbone of the IT work in this league and the programming involved.  Without you bud we would have never have made this possible.


I truly feel that this is the best league out there and that every year it exists it will only get better and better.  With all the enormous positive feedback and people waiting to get in for season 3, we WILL make the OML nationally known!  Thanx again guys.


Your commish,





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