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Toughest Team - Saints (SlimBig)

-         Slim was the team to beat all year.  With only two losses the entire season, he accomplished this amazing record with a team that wasnt rated too high at all.  Slim had a tough schedule, division, and conference to deal with, and relied on his always strong D and balanced running game to win this years Super Bowl.


Most Improved Team - Jags (Speedi)

-         A good finish down the stretch.  Speedi started off slow with some tough games and opponents and then managed to pull of a few wins against some tough teams.  Click on this guys schedule and youll see what I mean.  Look how many play-off teams he had to go toe to toe with.  Nice season.


Most Dedicated Team - (tie) Bengals/Falcons (Dmauz31/Magicgamer)

-         Both these guys didnt have the greatest of teams all season and still stuck it out all 17 weeks and into the Justice Bowl.  People like these guy class acts enable the OML to be as tightly held as it is.  Thank these guys when you see them online.


Best Division - AFC West (Ltown/Defdans/Converse/TheGrandPubah)

-         With the NFC South getting the early vote and two 14-2 teams, the AFC West showed us all season that this is where the big boys play.  A few owner changes, and still the division with the most wins.  Two play-off teams in the Chiefs and Broncos, a strong start by the Raiders and a great finish by the Chargers.


Biggest Slip - 49ers (Blindjustice)

-         A league favorite, Blind was geared early on play-off hopes, but dropping their last 5 of 6 (or 6 of the last 8) to some tough teams knocked them out of the post season.  He was the team to watch out for at the end of season II and I am betting peanuts to peanuts that he will make a strong showing next season much like Defdans did this year after receiving this award last year!


The Handyman Award - Realm (Cardinals)

-           Have you tried playing with this team online?  With no major weapons and a defense without a leg to stand on, Realm did a great job in turning out a remarkable season with these guys, just barely missing the play-offs.


Revolving Door Award - Bears (numerous owners)

-         Lets just all thank goodness it wasnt the Chiefs again.


Team Owner to Watch Out for Next Season - NzaneRaiderX (Titans owner)

-         A strong regular season finish and a play-off spot gave this guy momentum into the post season, but it was cut short by a loss to Ravens.  I have a feeling he will avenge his losses with some more shutouts next season.


Most Anticipated Weekly Write Ups - Aeneas (Colts owner)

-         A great sport no matter what the outcome was.  Although mostly wins with his great season, he continued to post write-ups every week with detail.  One of the more active members, I always looked forward to reading his recaps.  Thanks Mike.




The OML is not done yet!  We had some transitions this year and some bumps in the road, however we were able to learn from some things and will be correcting them, to only make this even league better.  I cannot do this alone however and want to ask that everyone try to contribute as much as they can.  Post more, do write-ups, keep stats, show good sportsmanship, show interest in other teams besides your own; all of these things make the experience better for the entire league and its dedicated members.

Id personally like to thank all the veterans and returning owners for their help.  Hebass for being Hebass, Jayman for all his work, Blind, Def, and Mike for their additional duties, and anyone else who I may have missed for going above and beyond just playing and scheduling their weekly games.

I try my best and hopefully it shows.  Suggestions are always welcome and as previously stated, additional help is greatly appreciated.  Thanx to everyone and I look forward to Season IV.


Your Commish

- Alma