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Job Titles
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Season 4 Job Titles

Commissioner - Alma41

            Co-creator of the first online league known from the IGN boards.  Alongside with original pioneer member Sriram, its been held together since Sep. of 2002.


VP Commissioners - LTown and Hebass

 Thess two guys have been here since season I.  They are the voice for the league.  As your representatives at the top, you should contact them with any issues regarding gameplay or general concerns.


League Daddy Commissioner - Defdans and Blind

             Defdans is handling all the LD updates, corrections, stat checking and pictures.  He is the guy that insures the integrity of the league.  Any LD questions contact him.  Blind also will be helping out with the stat checking as well.           


Game Scheduling Agent - ChrisGray

             Chris is the one making sure the league is flowing smoothly and updating everyone on the status of the week's games.  As long as you are trying to contact your opponent and letting him know, you have nothing to worry about.  Contact him with any questions or issues..


Power Rankings Agent - Blind

            Blind picked these up in Season III and will be continuing to do them throughout the year.  Updating every other week or so.  He adds his spice and take on the games being played and might throw in some humor along the way.


Game of the Week Agent - MikeK

            Seen those GOTWs?  MikeK does them.  The league votes on them each week and then he picks which one HE thinks is worthy.  Anything additional youd like to see in them or just want to drop a line and say nice job?  E-mail him.


Weekly Odds - To be announced

            Looking for someone to take over the weekly odds before the start of each week.  You can add things such as the over/under as well as prop bets (so and so will get over so many yards, or so and so will have sop many tackles).  Get creative with it.


MVP rating and write-ups - Defdans

            Another dual role in the OML, Defdans has the task of evaluating the players every two weeks and writing a comment next to them why they are up for MVP.  His analitical ability is key and he can easily tell who is playing solid and who is just padding stats.


Play-off write-up Agents - Hebass & To be announced 


4th year OML Members (these guys were here since Season I) Alma41, Ltown, Jayman, Defdans, Hebass, SlimBig.


If you would like a job title or a responsibility please e-mail me.  We are always looking for help and the more great ideas that you can bring to the table will only improve this league more.  Help is greatly appreciated, just drop us a line.


- Alma


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