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IGN LEAGUE - Annual Alma Awards - Season # 1

Toughest Team - BUCS (Socom_Jayman)
 - Not just cause they were undefeated and had an unbelievable D all year, but also for their schedule.
Most Improved Team - JETS (mrsloth)
- Having started off slow and making the play-offs, they got the job done in big games when it mattered the most.
Most Dedicated Team - LIONS (LilRonniesDad)
- Hey when you are dealt with a sub 70 team and show up every week and play your heart out, you get my vote.
Best Division - AFC NORTH
- With a combined record of 30 - 18, and only 2 unplayed games, these guys are good.
Biggest Slip - VIKINGS (sayow)
- They once were on top of their division and featured in GOTW's but shocking loss sent them tumbling.
Revolving Door Award - CHIEFS
- Yep, 8 no plays, and numerous owners.  Does no one really like the running game and Tony?
Best AFC  Owner - Bengals (Ltownaggin)
- Is there any doubt?  "Who day! Who day! Who gonna beat them Bengals today?"
Best NFC Owner - Giants (sriram-s)
- A good worker blames himself not his tools.  They are a great example of this cause the worker had nothing outstanding and no blame.
Best "Suggested" Individual Offensive Preformer - Kerry Collins/GIANTS
- An amazing touchdown to INT ratio for the amount of passes he threw
Best "Suggested" Individual Defensive Preformer - Robert Griffith/BROWNS
- This guy had experience on his side, INT's and tackels combined.
Team Owner to Watch Out for Next Season - ewb13/REDSKINS
- This guy didn't fair too bad with an average team and could be a surprise with a solid core.
Favorite Members - Anyone with 0 unplayed games
- Thanx guys to all those who finished without a non-play and had the same owner since the beginning of the season.  And to all those who joined alte and have showed dedication, we thank you to.  It runs a lot easier when you don't have to baby sit.
- Giants , Buccanneers, Lions, Jets, Dolphins, Steelers, Bengals and Browns were the teams that played all their games.