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Optimal Madden League
Draft Format - Season 5
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Draft Format - Season 5
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Season 5 Draft Rules

- Seeds 1-8
2 random teams drawn
- Seeds 9-24
3 random teams drawn
- Seeds 25-32
4 random teams drawn
- Draft is held on AIM chat room, owners must be present in order to receive a choice.
(If an owner is not present, he will be randomly drawn one team and assigned to them, no further trades are allowed)
- Owners may also elect to pass on their random teams drawn and be moved to the end of the list
- Each owner will have about 2 minutes before their teams are drawn to accept a trade
- Teams may be traded for seeds
- Teams may be traded for other teams as well, but only after the draft is complete in it's entirety
- No trading may occur outside of turn, only owners on the clock may hear offers and counter
(if owners agree to swap spots during the draft both must type "SWAP WITH <members name>"
- Trading may occur before the draft (if owners agree to swap spots, they must both e-mail the commish)

Please e-mail any questions beforehand to the commish.