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Game of the week: Prediction from Sriram and Alma

Game of the Week : 9

Sayow Owner Jayman
2-2 Record 4-0
* Offensive Advantage  
  Defensive Advantage *
3 Power Rank 9
  Alma's Pick *
* Sriram's Pick  

This match up includes two heavy weight unbeatens. Both have that one amazing receiver that will catch almost anything lobbed up. But by far Tampa's Defense out lasts Minnesota's. They are coming off a shut out against the highest rated preseason team, the Eagles. Minnesota needs to keep Culpepper rolling out of the pocket to get Brooks to bite on the run, and eventually dump it into the flats to a wide open Bennet. Look for a low scoring affair with these two great receivers.
Alma's Prediction: Tampa Bay - 20, Minnesota - 10
Sriram's Prediction Tampa Bay - 21 Minnesota -31


  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Vikings 0 14 0 7 21
Buccaneers 0 7 3 14  24*

Post Game Report by Sayow

1st Quarter:
Big defensive stand off between both clubs. Jayman stuffed both run and pass quite handily in the beginning. sayow was also successful at halting a drive but gave up a first down on the Buccaneers first possession

1st Quarter Score:
Vikings 0
Buccaneers 0

2nd Quarter:
The defenses were still making a big stand when finally the Buccaneers make some noise. After getting good field position, Jayman made some key passes using Brad Johnson to Keenan McCardell and Joe Jurevicius. The capper on that drive was a 7-yard pass from Johnson to Keith Poole at the 2:17 mark

Not wanting to be left out, sayow put up a big 80-yard pass from Daunte Culpepper to Randy Moss with 1:48 left on the clock. Very powerful Backatchya move and now we both know ITS ON

So after the ensuing kickoff, Jayman has the Buccaneers driving well again deep into Viking territory but this time he makes a fatal mistake and sayow calls the correct defensive alignment. Maybe confidence sets in because there was little resistance during the drive but Jayman goes for the money shot in the corner using Brad Johnson to Keenan McCardell. sayow would have done the same thing: McCardell was abusing Eric Kelly. But this time Kelly gets the drop on the pass and, 95 yards and a cloud of dust later, Kelly is in for the score with 0:09 left in the second half. The Buccaneers got an earful from Jayman at the half

2nd Quarter Score:
Vikings 14
Buccaneers 7

3rd Quarter:
More defense ensues. But late in the quarter, the Buccaneers drive deep enough into Viking territory to send up a 32-yard field goal by Martin Gramatica with 0:34

3rd Quarter Score:
Vikings 14
Buccaneers 10

4th Quarter:
Somewhere in the middle of the 4th Quarter the giant awakes
After a lengthy drive involving passes Keenan McCardell, Joe Jurevicius, and Keyshawn Johnson, to Jayman calls a brilliant play: a 1st and 10 Sweep to the Weak Side on the Vikings 29. He gets a key block from McCardell which pancakes Kelly and puts a block on ROLB Raonall Smith. Say it with me congregation: That was cool because now the whole Weak Side has collapsed and everyone else on the Vikings were shifted to the Strong Side! Big 29-yard run by Michael Pittman with 1:54 and the score at 14-17 favoring the Buccaneers

After the ensuing kickoff, sayow figured this was the moment of truth and Jayman knew what he needed to do. 1st down on the Viking 22: pass incomplete. 2nd down on the Viking 22: sack Marcus Jones on the Viking 10. 3rd Down on the Viking 10: sayow gets the ball to a diving Michael Bennetts hands but he drops it! 4th Down : the pass rush is too great and Daunte Culpepper meets the Tampa Bay sod for the 4th time in the game and its a turnover on downs on the Viking 1. Mike Alstott waltzes in with 1:05 left in the game Vikings 14, Buccaneers 24

With nothing left to lose, sayow works downfield with a purpose. With a couple of nice passes to Chris Walsh and Michael Bennett, sayow gets Culpepper to light up a fat 45 yarder to Moss that puts the Vikings on the Buccaneers 4. Its just a quick drag root from Culpepper to Moss and the game is Vikings 21, Buccaneers 24 with 0:37. Here comes the onside kick and

  • Total Offense
    Vikings: 184
    Buccaneers: 277

  • Rushing Yards
    Vikings: -1
    Buccaneers: 83

  • Passing Yards
    Vikings: 185
    Buccaneers: 194

  • First Downs
    Vikings: 3
    Buccaneers: 12

  • Giveaways/Takeaways
    Vikings: 1/1
    Buccaneers: 1/1

  • Redzone Offense
    Vikings: 100%
    Buccaneers: 60%

  • 3rd Down Conversion
    Vikings: 28%
    Buccaneers: 57%

  • Possession Time
    Vikings: 6:42
    Buccaneers: 13:18

Player of the Game:
Brad Johnson
Rating: 92.2
Comp-Att: 13-23
Yards: 211
Avg: 16.2
TD: 1
INT: 1
Comp: 57%

Michael Pittman: 8 Carries, 57 yards, 7.1 YPC, 1 TD
Mike Alstott: 4 Carries, 18 yards, 4.5 YPC, 1 TD
Keenan McCardell: 5 Catches, 93 yards, 18.6 YPC
Joe Jurivicus: 4 Catches, 61 yards, 15.2 YPC
Keeshawn Johnson: 3 Catches, 50 yards, 16.7 YPC
Keith Poole: 1 Catch, 7 yards, 7.0 YPC, 1 TD

Daunte Culpepper: Rating 93.2, 7-15, 185 yards, 37.0 YPP, 2 TD, 1 INT, 46% Avg.
Randy Moss: 3 Catches, 133 yards, 44.3 YPC, 2 TD

Final Score:
-Vikings 21-
-Buccaneers 24-

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

Socom_Jayman has game! I have nothing but admiration for his game. Everything was fair and legit IMO. I know that this is supposed to be the honor of the winner to post this but Jayman wanted me to boost him up here. Yes, this has been the best game Ive played so far in the league. Hella fun! It was a pleasure to lose. It would have been more pleasurable to win but I learned some stuff today. On your off hours, hit up Jayman: hell give you a real good and fair game