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Game of the Week : 10

Lobos5 Owner Ps2Gamer3
2-2 Record 2-1
* Offensive Advantage  
  Defensive Advantage *
  Power Rank  
* Alma's Pick  
* Sriram's Pick  

Game Preview

Both teams are coming off big wins that will move them up in the rankings quite a bit. But one of them is looking for a little separation from the rest of the field. The Hawks put up an impressive 21 point 4th quarter for a victory over the Skins, while the Cards eased by the potent Rams offense, 28 - 20. Look for a high output game from both Boston and Robinson at receivers.

Alma's prediction:   Seahawks - 32, Cardinals - 21

Sriram's Prediction: Seahawks - 17 Cardinals - 14


  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Seahawks         53
Cardinals         0

Post Game Report