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Don't ever doubt the Pack again!

Game of the Week : 11

Sayow Owner bShorty
3-2 Record 2-2
* Offensive Advantage  
* Defensive Advantage  
8 Power Rank 12
* Alma's Pick  
* Sriram's Pick  

It was hard to pick a game of the week this week, We finally decided on the division battle between the Vikings and the Packers. They will be battling for the top position of the division and also the crucial division win. Vikings come in to the game with a win over the Giants and a big game from Randy. If the packers need to win they have to establish the run and keep Randy off the ground.

Alma's Prediction: Packers-10 Minnesota-31

Sriram's Prediction: Packers - 17 Minnesota -24


  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Packers         21
Vikings         13

Post Game Report by bShorty

Welcome to the Metrodome everybody. Today's matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings is for the division lead and an inside track for a playoff spot. We are ready for kickoof and the Packers recieve. Three plays in Favre drops back and... PICKED OFF. The curse even exists in the video game. The Vikings capitalize on the TO with a 30YD TD pass from Dante to Randy.

The Packers respond with a good drive but end up punting. Minnesota capitalizes on its good field postion once again, but this time with a FG. At the end of 1 Min 10 GB 0. The Pack are on the move, thanks to the legs of Green, and with 3:14 left Green scores from 1YD out. Each team puts together a decent drive, especially the Vikes, but they run out of time and at halftime the score is 10-7 Vikings.

 The third quarter is back and forth each time having 2 drives but with 1:28 Green runs in for another score, this time from the 2 after a good looking drive.

 In the fourth Minnesota puts together a dngerous looking drive but Green Bay hold them to a FG. The Pack answer with another TD by Green, but not before eating up 2mins of valuable time. Heres the kickoff. Kelly gets to the 20 and hes HIT...FUMBLE. Players are diving for the loose ball and its recovered by Edwards. Antuan Edwards the back of FS for the Packers. Favre takes 2 kneel downs as the Pack seal the win and take the division lead. Both coaches congragulate each other and Mike Tice tell Melissa Starks they need to put this loss behind them and begin preparing for the Pats. He does mention that its going to be nice playing the Pack in 2 weeks and he hopes they will be able to get their revenge.

Mike Sherman is then interviewed and he talks about how it was a big win for the team but we can't get caught up in it because there is still a long way to go. Sherman also says they need to begin planning for their upcoming matchup against the Bucs. He was happy with the win but is going to remind his players that the Vikings will be fired up when they come to Lambeau Field. This is Bman87 signing off from a great game here at the Metrodome. I hope to see you next week from the Big Sombrero.