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Game of the week 12
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Game of the Week : 12

AMLA41 Owner IGN_Max2k3
3-3 Record 5-1
  Offensive Advantage *
* Defensive Advantage  
  Power Rank  
* Alma's Pick  
  Sriram's Pick *

Game Preview

The Saints have proven themselves as a top 5 team all year long and have been demolishing opponents in their wake. The Browns however seemed off to a dismal start at 0-2 and 1-3. But two straight wins and two of their losses coming from the # 1 and # 2 ranked teams, have them scratching for a play-off spot. Brooks has the feet to get around Courtney Brown, but the secondary of the Browns will be looking to force him to make bad throws on the run. Look for the Saint's Deuce to have a big game in the first half, until the Brown's D figures out a way to contain him. Couch needs to be pin point accurate in order to even have a shoot at this Juggernaut.

Alma's Prediction -   Browns 35  Saints 28
Sriram's Prediction -Browns 24  Saints 31


Post Game Report