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Game of the Week 14
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Game of the Week : 14

Column Written By JTeel54

jcissavior4all  Owner BrahmaBulz 
 3-5 Record 2-6 

Game Preview

Looking at the two records, this
                           game doesn't look like it deserves 
                           to be called the GOTW.  But the winner of this game has a chance to take 
                           the AFC  West, the only AFC division completely up for grabs. The 
                           Raiders need this win to finally separate themselves from the Broncos, while 
                           the Chargers would like to steal the rest of the Raiders' momentum 
                           from their win in Arizona and most likely the division crown.  The 
                           Chargers had a close game (10-7) against Denver, which the Raiders previously 
                           lost to by only 1 point after a field goal scored at the final second, 
                           which has to make the Raiders excited considering the Chargers have a 
                           less potent offense, sans Tomlinson.  The Chargers are the underdogs on 
                           paper, but their resilience throughout the season shows that the 
                           underdog in most people's minds is most definitely the slow-to-start 
                           Oakland Raiders. Should be a great matchup.