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by Defdans - Final - Season III

  1. Ahman Green With almost identical rushing stats to Jamal Lewis, it was the 40 receptions to go along with his 32 rushing TDs that made Green stand out.  He averaged 147 yards rushing in Green Bay Victories, and rushed for atleast 100 yards in every GB victory except for one (13 total 100+ yard games on the season)
  2. Clinton Portis What makes Portis so difficult to stop is the fact that hes a legitimate dual threat.  This UM product finished 5th in rushing yards, 6th in catches, and 3rd in Yards after the Catch.    
  3. Daunte Culpepper Big Fella put up some very gaudy stats this year leading the Vikings to a 12-4 record.  Culpepper led the league in both passing yards and TD passes with almost 4000 yards and 46 TD passes.
  4. Jamal Lewis Lewis led the OML in rushing yards with an amazing 2517 yards.  Granted, he had 411 carries, but he also led the league in Broken Tackles with 213!  Thats a broken tackle on every other run. 
  5. Priest Holmes This guy carried the Chiefs offense for a large part of the season.  Priest finished 3rd in the OML in both Rushing yards and Rushing TDs with 2282 rushing yards and 30 TDs.  He was the centerpiece of a Chiefs offense that finished 2nd in total offense. 
  6. Kerry Collins Big numbers for Collins, but a tailspin finish capped off by the Giants owner leaving the league drops him down to 6th.  Even if you take away the 10 TD passes thrown in week one, Collins still had a great season with over 3100 yards passing. 
  7. Eddie George This veteran running back willed the Titans into the 6th and final playoff spot in the AFC.  You want to talk about balance?  George had just under 1000 yards rushing and just under 900 yards receiving. 
  8. Marshall Faulk This is another guy who had a great season rushing and receiving, finishing close to a 1000 yard rushing/1000 yard receiving season.  Unfortunately, it wasnt enough to get the Rams into the playoffs. 
  9. Andre Johnson Amazing rookie season with 68 catches for 1498 yards while pacing the Texans to a respectable 7-9 season.  Johnson can take solace in knowing that while he didnt win the MVP, he did win the Offensie a landslide.
  10. Kevan Barlow Barlows great season was overshadowed by the late-season collapse suffered by the Niners.  1475 yards rushing wasnt enough for the 49ers to hang onto a playoff spot.  Look for Barlows revenge to come in the Justice bowl.

OML Season III - Offensive MVP


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