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Offensive Rookie of the Year
  1. Andre Johnson - 68 Receptions for 1498 yds and 11TD (with only 5 drops!!)  Far and away the most impressive rookie season.  Some very big numbers, and more importantly his team had a respectable season.
  2. Kelley Washington 51 receptions for 1004 yards and 6 TDs.  27 Drops.  Washington really turned it on toward the end of the season, finishing with over 1000 yard receiving. 27 drops really hurts though, hell need to cut down on those to be a star.
  3. Kyle Boller - 97 of 183 for 1938 yds.  18 TD and 9 INT.  Being a rookie QB for a playoff team is no easy task.  But Boller has performed well, not making many mistakes and letting Lewis carry most of the load.
  4. Anquan Boldin 27 receptions for 457 yds and 7 TDs and 9 drops.  Wide receiver is easily one of the toughest positions to master as a rookie.  Thanks to Arizonas cheap offseason moves, Boldin was asked to play early and often. 
  5. Byron Leftwich  76 of 210 for 1672 yds.  14 TD and 17 INT.  The Jaguars are certainly headed in the right direction and Leftwich is their QB of the future.  He showed flashes of brilliance this year and plenty of potential.

Defensive Rookie of the Year


  1. Mike Doss 40 Tackles, 5 INT, 1 TD.  Doss had a very impressive rookie season at safety for the Colts.  Not a particularly high draft pick, Doss surprised some with his quick development.
  2. Ken Hamlin 37 Tackles, 4 INT.  The Seahawks are a very balanced team and young guys like Hamlin and Trufant are why. 
  3. Terrell Suggs 34 Tackles, 4 Sacks, 1 TD, 1 FF, 1 FR.  Doesnt everybody on the Ravens defense put up big numbers?  Lots of talk about Suggs 40 time being too slow during the draftclearly had little impact on his performance on the field.
  4. Ricky Manning 43 Tackles, 3 INT, 1 TD, 1 FF.  Who is this guy?  Thats what teams have been asking all year as Manning picks off another pass. Solid rookie season at a difficult position.
  5. Terrence Newman 15 Tackles, 5 INT, 3 TD, 1 Sack.  Not gaudy stats for Newman, but 5 picks and 3 touchdowns makes for a pretty nice rookie season.  Theres little doubt this guy will be a star someday.

OML Season 3 - Offensive ROY


OML Season 3 - Defensive ROY